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Strategic Insite

Strategic Insite is a wholly owned but autonomous division of the W. L. Norton Agency. Our mission is to provide clear, concise and strategic planning services to government and private enterprise.

We work with both local developers and local governments. This interaction gives us a complete understanding of the entire government process, schedule, budget and constraints.

Our team can provide local governments experiencing the demands of economic, residential, and commercial/industrial growth, fair advice and the opportunity to meet community goals and objectives.

The team at Strategic Insite lives in our North Georgia communities. We care about economic prosperity, environmental resources and preservation and the overall quality of life of our neighbors. We listen to the residents, businesses, and leaders and can provide equitable resolution to the challenges brought to the local government.

We blend the certified planning expertise of our staff with the power of Native Intelligenceā„¢. Native Intelligenceā„¢ is a market service provider for Northeast Georgia. Research and analysis of economic, population, and industrial information is the focus of the group. A stream of information is provided to clients on a regular basis.

Our practical business knowledge of land use, marketing, environmental sensitivity, and the need for balanced progress provides an ideal perspective for clients. Our staff has formal education in land use planning, construction, soil erosion and sedimentation control, and control budgeting.